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With 2017 already quickly approaching its halfway point, environmental sustainability continues to be a significant focal point for us all. Subsequently, renewable energy resources continue to grow and emerge through our efforts to preserve the planet for future generations.

Here are a few top forms of renewable energy gaining momentum in 2017.


Wind power

Led by the operations associated with the Block Island Wind Farm, offshore wind farms have clearly emerged as a major player in modern sustainability. However, wind’s influence on energy consumption can be traced to both offshore and onshore territories. Wind now stands as one of the biggest forms of energy in the global power market, with nearly 59 more gigawatts expected for commission in 2017. Best of all, the price of wind power is only continuing to drop, giving it a strong outlook through the rest of the year and beyond.


Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles — or “smart cars,” as they are sometimes called — have been popping up more and more on highways lately. This trend comes as no surprise, as the vehicles are quickly approaching the 1 million units mark in overall sales. What began as a speculation-garnering idea has grown into a new norm for sustainable driving. As electric vehicles continue their run for dominance, our dependence on oil will drop, allowing us to conserve energy while cutting down on harmful exhaust emissions.


Renewable fuel

Several major airline companies, including United and jetBlue, have started to integrate renewable fuel into their daily operations. According to RenewableEnergyWorld, these implementations stand as one part of a plan to invest in new more sustainable aviation technology. As these companies continue to set a great example in terms of their environmental foresight, expect to see more airlines joining in what could become a helpful national initiative.


Solar energy

Solar panels are suddenly appearing in more and more places — from major businesses to small suburban homes. This observation is a microcosm of solar power’s potential in 2017. Solar power jumped nearly 50 percent in growth in 2016 alone, poising itself for a continued ascension during 2017. At the same time, pay-as-you-go solar startups have seen a rise in prominence in regions of Africa — another way in which solar power is igniting a major trend in sustainability.



Advances in technology have given way to the rise of biomass energy. This form of energy refers to organic material collected from plants and animals. Much of biomass’s growth in 2017 will hinge on the development and solidification of policies pertaining to it — this emerged as a recurring theme during the 2017 Wood Energy Conference. Biomass practices have major savings potential, and those in the biomass industry continue push towards more encouragement for its implementation.