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Plan an event or project

Perhaps the easiest way to project sustainability on your community is to make it available yourself, and this usually means establishing an event or project of your own. This endeavor could take the shape of an outreach benefit event — a concert or a 5k race, for instance — or a collaborative project aimed at environmental restoration, among a seemingly countless list of other options. Whatever you settle on, be sure to inject as much creativity into it as possible — after all, you want it to make a lasting educational impact on participants and partners.

A great way to get your idea off the ground is to apply for a grant or similar sponsorship. For more information on securing a sustainability grant, visit my past blog providing a step-by-step process.


Research/join local sustainability groups

If starting out solo is not your thing, another easy way to become involved in sustainable outreach is to find a vehicle for your passion; his can be quickly achieved by means of a pre-established group, cause, or project in your community. Find out what is available right out of the gate, and contact organizers to find out how you can become involved. In most cases, these types of initiatives are welcome to any additional help they can find, so you can probably expect to be welcomed with open arms.


Contribute to the culture

When helping to shift the environmental ideology in your neighborhood, the little things can go a long way when consistently applied. Therefore, do your best to exemplify sustainable living by leading by example, convincing your friends and loved ones to follow suit. For example, get several of your friends to commit to a regular recycling schedule; they, in turn, may unintentionally pay this action forward by making an impression on their other acquaintances. This type of ripple effect is far from guaranteed, but it is absolutely possible to catalyze.