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Things for lawyers have been looking dim over the past few years. The news that law school applications were increasing while actual job openings for lawyers were decreasing was probably worrisome to those in the field of law, but it’s easy to assume that your average person wasn’t all that concerned by the seeming death of the law profession — after all, lawyers don’t exactly get a good rap. However it seems as though things are turning around for aspiring lawyers and law students, as well as those who are already employed and in firms across the country. A recent study has been released that show lawyers are happier than ever.mark cuthbertson, scales of justice

The American Lawyer recently asked midlevel associates at law firms across the country how they felt about their employers, their jobs, and being a lawyer in general. Contrary to popular belief, the survey returned the highest job satisfaction ratings seen in over a decare, showing that law careers are paying off in both happiness and success. So why is this happening now? According to the survey, there are two main reasons. The first is, quite simply, numbers. There are fewer midlevel associates now than there have been in recent history due to the tough times lawyers were going through years ago and it means that these associates are in higher demand and can command higher salaries and are more secure in their jobs.

The second reason is probably unexpected to most. It turns out that those associates who had the highest reviews to give frequently mentioned technology and how their firm was advanced in using the newest technology to make work faster, more efficient, and more effective. This is just another example of how technology is making an impact in every profession across the board. While most people might not think being a lawyer is a tech-heavy job, technology can be of great assistance to lawyers in a number of ways. Technology allows associates to work away from the office and indulge in flexible working hours, while still staying in the loop and abreast of news and developments in cases. In the fast-paced world of law, this is a real game changer and can make the difference between winning or losing a case. Everyone loves flexible work hours and ability to work wherever and whenever, without having to rely on working from the office to do a good job. This is just more proof of that truth.

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