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A commitment to caring for the Earth inspires people to adopt a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. A love of animals and nature, as well as concern about the future of our planet, motivates people to change their behavior. The more people who commit to change, the greater the benefit. When our own enthusiasm takes over, we naturally want to encourage others in their journeys and convince them to become more sustainable.

The best way to influence others to become more sustainable is to show them ways to do it. Setting a positive example for others can influence their behaviors. When our friends and family see us engaging in environmentally-friendly activities, they are more likely to become involved. Focus on actions that are fun, easy and entertaining: plant a garden with your neighbors, or take them to a farmer’s market. In-season fruits and vegetables are delicious and often organic. Ride your bikes or walk to the farmer’s market and other outings. Plant trees to help dispel carbon monoxide and provide shade during the summer. Learn about pollution in the oceans and why it is important to reduce plastic consumption. Donate unwanted clothing and household goods to shelters or charities so that they have a second life and are not simply tossed into landfills.

Another convincing argument to persuade others to become more sustainable is to highlight the financial benefits. Saving energy and producing less waste are economically profitable. Turning off unused lights and carpooling reduce waste and save money. Growing herbs on the windowsill saves you money at the grocery store. Companies that make strides toward becoming more sustainable save money by reducing packaging materials and costs, having better and more efficient working conditions for their employees, and experience an increase in their reputation amongst their customers. Consumers are interested in leading a greener lifestyle, and companies that reflect their values will obtain their business (and make more money as a result).

Showing others that sustainability is easy and enjoyable will encourage them to participate in the movement. There are many ways to become more sustainable, from using reusable bags at the grocery store to shortening our showers. With just a bit of effort, we can convince ourselves and our friends to make more responsible choices that are good for our planet.