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One of the most important issues facing our planet is climate change, and this factor has made many people concerned about the future. As the environment is continually hurt by modern farming practices and oil drilling, some have enacted initiatives to change these practices.


However, considering all the money made in extracting oil, most companies are reluctant to halt production at this point. The good news is that artificial intelligence (AI) may help in this process. Environmental sustainability now stands as one of the most important areas for AI companies to invest in.


Why Artificial Intelligence?


When people think of AI, they typically envision a robot taking the place of a human. However, this is not necessarily how this technology works in all sectors of the business world. Instead, artificial intelligence can be used to refine different processes, as it simply offers more computing power. As a result, AI is a great way to solve issues that may be occurring in a production or extraction process.


Though AI is not cheap, it is usually an investment that will pay for itself within a few years; this is why so many companies are considering such investments for the future.


Helping the Environment


As parts of the environment continue to be ravaged by human activity, many company leaders are more focused on earning higher profits than investing in sustainability. AI can help companies reduce such damage. For example, an oil company could invest in AI to improve the drilling process. Instead of having to drill dozens of deep holes to find oil, the company may be able to find oil deposits by drilling fewer holes.

In the coming years, more companies will start to see the value of investing in AI. Consumers who value sustainability should consider directing funds toward these companies.