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The smartphone app revolution has streamlined many aspects of our daily lives, including those associated with maintaining or adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. There is now barely an excuse for being a more sustainable individual, thanks to these apps’ insights to our energy use, wasting habits, and other key focal points within the green spectrum.

Here are a few of the best sustainability apps currently on the market.


MyUse (Apple)

Unlike many of its contemporaries, MyUse is not a free app (it runs for $1.99 in the Apple Store), and it is only available on Apple devices, but do not let these factors scare you away; the app is one of the more efficient sustainability resources currently on any smartphone market. The app simultaneously keeps track of your gas, electricity, water usage, graphing these variables for easy tracking purposes. The app ultimately uses this data to identify a user’s carbon footprint, keeping potentially detrimental aspects of it in check.


JouleBug (Apple, Android)

JouleBug utilizes a positive reinforcement system to keep users committed to a sustainable lifestyle. The app rewards users “for being good,” by awarding badges, points, and pins, and by encouraging users to be more sustainable at every step. Data is presented in an easily digested manner and follows a point system based on sustainable actions throughout a given day. This approach allows users to be more goal-oriented, a fresh way of making sustainable living fun and challenging.


Love Food Hate Waste (Apple, Android)

The Love Food Hate Waste app touts itself as “a free app designed to help you save food, save money, and save the planet.” It strives to accomplish this vision by providing an array of food-based sustainability resources, including leftover recipes based on ingredients left in your kitchen, a portion planner aimed at limiting waste from over portioning, a meal planner aimed at waste elimination from over buy and on reduction of general grocery spending, a shopping list feature, and an achievement system similar to that of JouleBug.


EcoSpeed (Apple, Android)

EcoSpeed targets excessive fuel usage right at the source, by working with a vehicle’s gearbox and GPS, striving to save users roughly 30 to 40 percent in fuel. Like the offerings of other apps in this list, these offerings benefit both the user and the environment, saving users money while simultaneously focusing on optimal efficiency.