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Have you ever had to go to the doctor and wished that instead you could call them on the phone and just talk to them about what you’re feeling so you wouldn’t have to go anywhere? Well, if this is you, then you should move to New Hampshire. A newly enacted law in the state has now made telemedicine a real thing, and allows both patients and doctors to call each other and do consultations over the phone or a video feed online. This is aimed at strengthening the doctor-patient bond and to solidify a practice’s existing patient base. Here are 3 ways you can use this new law to your advantage and some things to consider if you’re living and working in New Hampshire.P_medicine.svg

  1. Create care processes and protocols for treatment: One of the riskiest parts of adding a telemedicine aspect to your practice is running the risk that mistakes will be made and you will liable for them. Make sure that you set up a firm and clear set of processes and protocols for all calls coming in so that you can ensure the highest quality care and attention for each call. The last thing you want is to be legally liable for a mistake that could’ve been easily avoided if there had only been a protocol for that situation.
  2. Work on establishing a provider-patient relationship: Many doctors don’t have the relationship they would like due to the nature of their job and the chaos they exist in. Add to this that patients only communicate with their doctors when they’re feeling sick, and it can be months or years between visits — ending any chance of a relationship. This new law now makes this sort of relationship possible. Allowing doctors and patients to talk and check up with each other over the phone not only means that the relationship between the two will grow stronger, but also that health will be maintained at a higher level/
  3. Know whether you need a license or not: New Hampshire has some tricky licensing laws and it’s important to know whether you need one or not for your business so that you don’t get into legal trouble with authorities. If your business doesn’t need a license, make sure that you’re not spending the time or money needed to get one.

This new law is promising to change the way that medicine is done in New Hampshire, both over the phone and in person. Make sure that you’re educated about this changes so that you can operate freely without any fear of legal repercussion and so that you can help both your patients and your practice as best as possible. If you’d like to read more, the link is here.